Jeremy McKinney, who lives in the Midwest, wrote this caption via Facebook, “Our son, Zyan, loves to watch Hope for Today with daddy.” See all back issues of the Hope Center of Christ newsletters... Hope Center Announces Arabic Language Services November 14, 2013 - Hope Center of  Christ Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller  Coleman announced Sunday, that  the Arabic congregation that was  formerly a part of the Crystal  Cathedral Ministries would now join  the Hope Center of Christ.  See video of announcement.  Senior Pastor Emeel Shenoda was  introduced during the service and  offered his perspective on the  journey to a new home for the Arabic  congregation. "We were given a  month to move out of the place that  we were, before," he said. "We didn't  have a clue where we were  going...All of the answers just came  up negative."  Pastor Sheila characterized the  reunion of the two congregations as  "like a sister congregation to us...that  we left behind." The two detailed the  serendipitous events that brought  the two churches back together with  pastor Sheila observing, "The Lord   News Greetings Hope Center of Christ friend! New HCoC app for iPhone Now smart phone users can stay in  touch with the Hope Center of  Christ’s message of hope and help  to the world with the new Power of  Hope app from iTunes at the Apple  Store and the Google Play store.  *Enjoy HOPE TV - A 24/7  livestreaming channel of previous  Hope Center OC services *An OnDemand channel featuring  services and teachings you can  watch whenever you want  (click below to see more and find  links to get the app for your phone)  restores in mysterious ways."  Pastor Shenoda spoke of his deal  made with Pastor Jim Penner  before either realized that they  knew each other previously.  Shenoda said, "We are not coming  here as a sub-lease, or anything.  We are coming here to be a part of  this ministry and join, again, our  church that we use to have..." 

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