A Dose Of Hope


I am a firm believer in praying the Lord’s Prayer every day. That means that every morning I pray, “Thy will be done.” If I neglect this practice (I practice but I am still not perfect!! Not by a long shot!!), then I find that I have run out of the house and left God behind. I am driving through my day without Him until I find that I am hopelessly lost!

Other days, I run out of the house and remember to take God with me, but I put Him in the back seat. MY list of to-do’s is driving my day. God is there, but in the background. If I find myself frazzled, I turn around and say, “Lord, where should I go now?

Sometimes I run out of the house and invite God to ride shot-gun! As I race through my day I talk to Him and chat with Him, sometimes missing a turn-off and finding I did not reach the destination I had hoped for.

What am I doing wrong? Instead of praying “THY will be done, I had made the mistake of praying, “Lord, here is MY agenda for today – please bless it!”

The days that are filled with blessings, fruit, helping people who are hurting – those are the days when I hand God the keys and say, “YOU drive! Where ever You want to go, is OK with me.”

Driven – by God! What does that look like? It is praying and practicing – “Lord, what is YOUR agenda for today? I am willing to let go with You where-ever You will.”

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” — Matthew 6:10

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