A Dose Of Hope


At the end of a tough day I yearn for chocolate — my favorite pick-me-up!

We all have our favorite pick-me-up. But I have learned that most of our pick-me-ups have only a temporary, fleeting effect (and in the case of chocolate it has not so positive side-effects). When facing the challenges that life throws at us we need a more lasting, more powerful pick-me-up.

The best pick-me-up for these times is a cry for help: “Lord, pick me up! Lift me into Your powerful, loving arms. Carry me over this rough patch. Thank you!”

It’s really just that simple. A cry for help. A cry to be picked up and carried by my Heavenly Father. He has never failed me and oh, He has saved many a day!

“Save your people and bless your inheritance; be there shepherd and carry them forever.” – Psalm 28:9

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