A Dose Of Hope

Turning Tears of Grief into Tears of Gratitude

When I was a principal of a K-12 school, I saw my fair share of children who came to the office in tears. Either they had been hurt on the playground or their feelings had been hurt, or they were in trouble and afraid mom and dad would punish them.

I don’t recall why this darling little first grader said it to me, but she said, “Mrs. Coleman, God gave us tears to wash the hurt away.”

How right she was!

No matter the reason for tears, they are a gift from God.
They can wash the hurt away, especially, if you can turn tear of grief into tears of gratitude:

“Thank you, God, for sparing me.”
“Thank you, God, for the time we had together.”
“Thank you, God, for never leaving me or forsaking me.”
“Thank you, God, for delivering me.”
“Thank you, God, for using me.”
“Thank you, God, for restoring me.”
“Thank you, God, for healing me.”

I think you get the idea…

“You (God) keep track of all my sorrows.
 You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
 You have recorded each one in your book.” — Psalm 56:8

Revelation also says God will wipe away every tear.

“Thank you, God!”

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