A Dose Of Hope

Fertilizer Happens!

I spent most of my summers on the farm in Iowa and you can’t spend time on a farm without seeing it, cleaning it up, and even stepping in your fair share of fertilizer.

But, if you spend much time on a farm you also know how important fertilizer is to a bumper harvest. Fertile soil is fertile thanks to fertilizer!

So, you see, fertilizer stinks! But it is also good for us! It helps us to grow.

Those stinky, smelly, rotten, nasty challenges produce patience and character and empathy in you for others.




Then, when others see you respond patiently in a challenging situation, when they hear you respond lovingly to irritating people, when they notice you smiling and even laughing in the face of adversity, then you have an opportunity to bear fruit in your environment. These people will want to know how they can get what you have.

So, when fertilizer happens to you, allow God to use it for a harvest of good fruit!

Fertilizer happens!

Fertilizer stinks!

But fertilizer is the secret to growth and bumper crops!

So, thank God for the fertilizer!

“Thank you, Lord, that You will turn this irritation into an opportunity for me to bear fruit. Help me to respond lovingly, patiently so others can see You in my life. Amen.”

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